Power and Utilities

Electric Utilities sector in India is in a rapid growth and reform mode. Opportunities and challenges are aplenty and velocity will differentiate leaders from followers. On the one hand, government has put in place reform programs to unleash the potential in distribution; there is plenty that is happening in Generation sector. Utilities, being the prime movers of the economy, can rapidly create value for their stakeholders, if the critical enablers are in place.

It is one of the most important enablers and Goodwill ERP has been at the forefront of providing innovative, flexible, scalable, and agile IT solutions.

Case Study

APNPDCL (Andhra Pradesh Northern Power Distribution Co Ltd)

Goodwill ERP offers a wide variety of solutions for addressing some key challenges and opportunities.

  • Fully integrated ERP solution for end-to-end visibility and control;
  • Compact Billing and auditing system that maintain records for years;
  • Management Information Systems, for converting vast information in to real insights;
  • Agent Performance Management Solutions: To help set standards and to track to achieve it;
  • Governance, Risk, and Regulatory Compliance solution; and
  • Expert System (for improving power distribution & billing efficiency).

Client's Say
Now with Goodwill ERP, we are able to improve our billing and collections have increased by 35%.

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