Goodwill Lite - Accounting Software, India

Goodwill lite is a complete Accounting Software, India is ideal for small and medium businesses. It has a lucid user-interface and simple menu driven with powerful security and combines ease of use with insights and control needed for businesses.

It is completely code less and online processing software with all  Reports required for your Business needs. All Reports can be generated to File or exported to MS Excel or sent to Printer.

Accounts Receivable and Payable Module is integrated with Goodwill Lite. It supports multiple companies and data can be backed up and restored.

It has complete controls for data entry and data modification with  inbuilt Audit Trial. Voucher Cancellation Facility is available. Vouchers can be printed online.

It has online help, complete documentation in PDF format and required FAQ is provided on website.

It is superior to any other Business Accounting software India  and is available completely free of cost.

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