Excise Software / Excise Billing Software

Excise is a kind of Service Tax that is levied on internal transaction of commodities within country like sale, production, import of certain goods, etc.

 A simple, easy to use and flexible software, Excise Billing Software from Goodwill Business Solutions accurately calculates Excise & other Taxes implied by the government on the purchase & sales transactions. With its pleasant interface  and data management utilities, Goodwill's Software has it all that a user demands.

 Goodwill's Excise Software, the data has to be keyed in once and the records get updated automatically along with statutory documents. Software after calculation of the excise and records, keeps track of all client information and commodities and maintains Excise records with option for simultaneous integration of the same with your accounting system.

 Accessible from anywhere (from Desktop computer to Laptop Computer) software, Goodwill's Software is ideal for tracking your product purchases or sales and services. Apart from excise calculation, the Excise Software is updated in line with the fast changing excise laws of India making it accurate and error-free software.


  • User-wise entry level security.
  • Calculation of Excise Duty on the basis of MRP / Abatement / Pro-rata / Deemed Credit.
  • Progressive calculation (considering Branded / Unbranded / Without Export Value).
  • Posting of sales return entry to RG 23A Part I & II.
  • Differential Rate Invoice Entry.
  • Percentage of Excise Duty linked with Progressive amount.
  • User definable percentage of Excise Duty (e.g. 9.6% to 16%).
  • Standard Excise Invoice Format.
  •   Excise Invoice Printing, etc.

Goodwill's Excise Billing Software comes in single-user as well as multi-user windows based forms, making it suitable for all kinds of manufacturing units. Designed to reduce overheads, improve efficiency and manage non-core business functions, Goodwill's Software is complete software for all situations and occasions.

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